Happy Hallow-Clean

All Hallows’ Eve brought some seriously saintly green-cleaning to the Mathis house.

Megan dressed up the boys in her Norwex chemical-free cleaning microfibers. For once, we weren’t too worried when our little rookie walkers fell to the floor—it could use the buffing. (We haven’t mentioned it before here on the blog, but Megan is a Norwex independent sales consultant, for those interested in such a thing.)

Norwex’s two most celebrated pieces are the Enviro Cloth and the Polishing/Window Cloth (“The Basic Package”), and we thought that would fit the boys just right (thanks to Jenny Rigney for the original idea!).

So here’s Enviro Cole and Polishing Carse…

Polishing Carse (left) and Enviro Cole (right) with Mama

Enviro Cole

Polishing Carse

Team Packers/Thiel and Team Mathis/Vikings (the boys' alternative costume)

Very scary moment for Daddy...He turned his head for just a sec, and Cole put on the Thiels' stinky Packers cheesehead

Great smile on Mommy, very funny face on Carson

All Hallows Eve 2010 (Cole left, Carson right

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One Response to Happy Hallow-Clean

  1. cgisler says:

    Adorable post, guys! Love the Norwex “costumes” and NFL gear with Lil!

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