16 Months Today

It’s November 1, the Christian feast of All Saints, and our little fellas—already demonstrably distant from saintly!—are 16 months old. (We shouldn’t neglect to say that they are very sweet little guys much more of the time than we deserve.)

Not long after we found out we had twins on the way (that sobering and spectacular ultrasound!), we had dinner with David and Karen Balmer, who have twin boys, and they gave us the whole twins orientation. Sobered again.

At the time, the Balmer boys were 16 months old, and it was tough for us to even imagine ever making it that far (it’s been nearly two years since then). But we’ve done it, and not without gobs of help—plenty of divine grace with family and friends chipping in large portions as well.

Thank you to all—and it really is a good number of folks—who have helped us make it this far—a year and a third!…

Enviro Cole (left) and Polishing Carse (right) in their All Hallows' Eve costumes from last night

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2 Responses to 16 Months Today

  1. Ashley says:

    16 months – crazy! I love this picture and the others of their costumes – you guys are hilarious 🙂
    I hope to stop in to see all the Mathises sometime soon!

  2. Grandma Jane says:

    Happy 16 Months! Those clever costumes helped show off their shining smiles! So much to smile about and be thankful for today. Lots of love.

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