First Haircuts

At almost 18 months, the boys have now had their first haircuts!

Okay, yes, it was getting pretty long. Thanks for your patience with us, especially those of you who didn’t make the comment about how Bieber had cut his hair and now our boys should too. In the end, we agreed.

Last weekend while we were in Aitkin, Great-Aunt Paulette did the honors. She gave Megan her first haircut a good quarter century ago, and it was significant to have her do the same for Carse and Cole.

Since she is retired, and we had to fit it in during the cookie decorating party, Uncle Dan’s garage became a salon. It worked well, though it did not make Hannah too happy initially. She came running out the door yelling, “We do not want hair in our garage!” Hmm, wonder who she has learned stuff like this from…

Cole needed some hair off the top, and Carson needed some off the back—just another way our two little guys complement each other! They keep finding more ways to show us they are different…

Cole's hair before the cut


Carson's before (mullet?)

And after!

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One Response to First Haircuts

  1. Molly says:

    ohmygosh I want to eat them up!!!

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