Carson’s Cheesy Smile

Perhaps the biggest holiday surprise we received this year was Carson’s “cheesy smile.”

It is impressive that he does it pretty much on command. We say, “Carson, cheesy smile,” and he squinches up his nose and does a little half smile (to roaring applause) worthy of the most awkward of 1980s family portraits.

He learned it only a few days before Christmas, just in time for holiday pictures, and it is, well, you take a look…

It didn’t take too long for Coleman to pick it up as well, but he is not as eager to be caught on camera. Maybe we’ll have that for you soon.

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3 Responses to Carson’s Cheesy Smile

  1. Seriously, your boys are TOO cute! I have enjoyed seeing them on Sunday evenings! ; )

  2. Pam Eason says:

    So good to see all 4 smiles 🙂

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