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Coley Rock Anthem (featuring Carson)

We never saw this coming. But earlier this week we had the Nacho Libre soundtrack playing, and apparently it struck a nerve with something deeply Latino in 19-month-old Coleman. Must have been all that chips and salsa Mommy ate during … Continue reading

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And Coley Too

Our last post focused on Carson, so now it’s time to feature brother as well. Here’s a couple recent snaps—one with the new ball cap, and the other we call “Hipster Cole”…

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Both Grandmas!

Grandma Jane from South Carolina is here for a week, and Grandma Peg from Minnesota came down today to see the Aitkin High School dance team in the state finals (which they won!). So the boys got to get a … Continue reading

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All of a sudden, Carson’s really keen on making this food container into a hat. Says he’s calling it TupperWear…

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Brothers Together

A funny song, with lots of rhyming words, that Daddy sings to the boys… Brother to brother We love one another And we love our mother And we love our father Brothers together forever

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19 Months

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