Poster Boys for Minnesota Museums

Our own Coleman is the only person to appear twice in color in this weekend’s Minneapolis StarTribune. And Megan and Carson are in there as well.

About a month ago, Megan and friends Emily and Jenny and kids were at the Minnesota Children’s Museum in St. Paul. The kids were playing. The usual. Then the unusual: a guy with a camera photographing the twins. Eventually he asked for the boys’ names, and divulged that he himself was a twin and was a bit partial.

Whether the boys might appear in the paper piqued our interest at the time, but then we almost forgot about it. Until this morning.

Meg got an email today from a friend letting us know that the boys were pictured in this weekend’s paper. So this afternoon, while David was out running some errands, he stopped at a coffee shop to grab a copy.

Lo and behold, not only a picture of Carson and Coleman, but a large shot, in full color, front page of the section, above the fold. And another of Megan and Coleman.

Strange to have Mathises visually dominating the special museums sections of this weekend’s paper. Never thought Carse & Cole would be the poster boys for Minnesota museums.

Nothing’s on the StarTrib Website yet, but here are shots of the pages (we’ll link to the Strib if they put the story online):



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2 Responses to Poster Boys for Minnesota Museums

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    How cool!! You are all famous!!!

  2. Very cool!! Who wouldn’t want to put those cute faces in the paper? 😉

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