And That’s Why We Had a Tractor Party

It seems the stars aligned for a big party…

The boys turn 2 tomorrow on July 1. We just moved to a new address. It’s summer in Minnesota. We celebrated 5 years of marriage yesterday. The boys are really into tractors right now. We love our friends. Looking through pictures of the last year, we have a lot of the kids on tractors. Moving uncovered a dusty cow collection from my childhood. Evite had a John Deere template.

Things seemed to be coming together for a tractor birthday party. At least that’s our excuse…

Waiting for the guests to arrive.

Greeting the first guests.

Farmer Fare

Dirt Dessert: hadn’t had this for a decade—so glad it’s back in our life.

A good use of our otherwise empty living room.

Feed corn in the water table.

It was a hit!

See those cute crowns in the above pictures? This lovely lady, who I am honored to do mommying with, made those. And days before she welcomes baby #2! Amazing, huh? And she dressed in green to join in the festivities.

And here’s the special twins’ tractor video we made for the party:

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One Response to And That’s Why We Had a Tractor Party

  1. Grandpa Rick says:

    Spending this Lord’s Day praising Him for how blessed Jane and I are with such a precious family in Minneapolis! Praying for a super day of celebrating birthday # 2 for Coleman and Carson!!

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