Labor Daddy Weekend

Daddy learned a new meaning of labor this Labor Day Weekend — the labor of watching twin toddlers round the clock for a whole weekend. Kinda like what Mommy does 9-to-5 five days a week.

Overall, it went well, and was a ton of fun, but it was no piece of cake. Most good things in life aren’t easy.

Mommy left Friday afternoon. (It’s been nice living so close to the light rail — just a little 100-yard stroll out our front door, and then a seven-minute ride to MSP.) Daddy did manage to get some good work in during the boys’ nap time and after bed time — including writing this blog post. Between dinner and bed time, we had boys movie night, and watched the first half of Cars 2 (which we finished Sunday morning).

Captive audience: Carson & Cole watching Mater

Saturday morning we went with Lily and her dad to Choo Choo Bob’s in St. Paul and were there just in the nick for story time. Afterwards, we ran around Lake Nokomis with the boys and Lily in the strollers and daddies running behind. It’s just a little over 5 miles from our house around Nokomis and back — a good little workout pushing a stroller!

Lily and the twins playing at Choo Choo Bob’s

Carson & Cole enjoying story time from Engineer Paul at Choo Choo Bob’s

Sleepin’ beauties after the run round Nokomis

After Saturday naps, Marshall who works with Daddy came over to play and we went to the park, and then our friend Emily came to babysit, and Daddy went to see Bill Walsh’s photography display at Parkway Pizza.

Carson & Cole “running down the hill” to mark Clemson’s first game of the season — a big 26-19 win over Auburn!

Sunday morning we finished Cars 2, took another run around Nokomis, had some seriously long naps, and went to 5pm church at Bethlehem. Daddy kept the boys up until Mommy arrived back at the light rail station at 8:20pm.

Cole eating his pre-church snack

Carson with his cheeks full of geeps (grapes)

Waiting at the light rail station, art in hand, for Mommy to arrive

Then today we had lunch with some friends (awesome pics here!), again took long naps, and yet again squeezed in a jog around Nokomis.

Ready to be done with this stroller after logging over 15 miles with Daddy this weekend

So, it seems the summer’s now officially done. Time for pumpkins and pigskin…

Here’s a few from today you can see in full by following the link above to the Rigney’s site…

Carson, watermelon boy

Sam Rigney helping the boys forward

Carson, ain’t no shame

Coley reacting to the cold water


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