Our First Snowman

When we woke up this morning, everything outside was covered in white.

Then it kept snowing all morning. And it kept right on all afternoon (during the Vikings wins over the Bears!). And the flakes are still falling into the evening.

By late morning, we’d accumulated plenty to get the boys all bundled up and out into it. This was to be their first time really getting out into it to play. Today’s snow was a heavy, thick one, and so our first order of business was to build the boys’ first snowman.

All in all, they loved the snow and lasted out there in the cold stuff a lot longer than we expected!…



After laughing at Coley “the dinosaur” Carson claimed himself to be a “chicken”


Licking the snowman

IMG_2339 IMG_2324 IMG_2326 IMG_2356

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A Macro Update

Our poor blog has been a bit neglected in the past few months. It’s not that we don’t have a lot to share, or even that we are very busy. It just kinda slipped from our priority list for a while. Which can be a good thing.

To keep you up to date on the Mathises, here are a few notable occurrences that have been occupying us these months…

1. The move.  We moved at the end of May (it was Memorial Day Weekend). Moving with toddlers wasn’t a piece of cake, and has proved to extend the time further than we thought of “feeling settled” in the new house. We moved about 3 miles closer to our Southern relatives (and to the airport) into a home that is better fitting the physical needs of our growing and rambunctious twin boys. We bought a foreclosure and had quite a bit of work to do on it. This extra work was a good reason for letting the blog go for  a while. More on the house coming in a future post, we hope.

2. The boys had their two-year pictures taken by our dear friend Jenny. We had quite the adventure going to the Farmer’s Market and chasing these two for pictures, but absolutely love the results.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3. We have fallen in love with this little guy.

Henryk is the son of our dear friends, Michael and Emily, and brother of the boys’ best friend, Lily. His short life has taught us so much as he shows us again and again that God is faithful and loves us more deeply than we can even imagine. Please join us in praying for Henryk and his family. Read more about his story here: Henryk Thiel

3. We went to our first wedding as a family of 4. Our friends Aaron and Erin had a lovely wedding in downtown St. Paul, and would not allow us in without the boys.

4. We have been working on our animal sounds.

5. We have a new nephew/cousin (just arrived last weekend in Louisville)—and a new niece/cousin should be arriving in the days to come (in Fargo). Hudson Richard Read was born to Jason and Deb (David’s sister) last Saturday night (Nov 3). He’s a cutie, and we cannot wait to meet him over Thanksgiving!

Although our blog has been neglected a bit, we do try to keep the boys’ Tumblr logs updated



Wow, so there’s our macro update from the last few months!

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Halloween Costumes

Here’s Mater (Carson) and Lightning McQueen (Coley). We just made one quick trip around the block, but you’ll see they amassed quite a bit of candy…

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Punkin Carving

We thought Carse and Cole might be old enough this year for enjoying pumpkin carving. I think we were right.

Daddy carved two big pumpkins—one to look like Cole and one to look like Carson—and then we also did two small ones to look like the boys two favorite characters in the world right now: Lightning McQueen and Mater from the Cars movie.
Meanwhile Mommy gathered up the seeds and baked a scrumptious snack.

Here’s a few glimpses of the fun, and the finished product on the front porch:

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Labor Daddy Weekend

Daddy learned a new meaning of labor this Labor Day Weekend — the labor of watching twin toddlers round the clock for a whole weekend. Kinda like what Mommy does 9-to-5 five days a week.

Overall, it went well, and was a ton of fun, but it was no piece of cake. Most good things in life aren’t easy.

Mommy left Friday afternoon. (It’s been nice living so close to the light rail — just a little 100-yard stroll out our front door, and then a seven-minute ride to MSP.) Daddy did manage to get some good work in during the boys’ nap time and after bed time — including writing this blog post. Between dinner and bed time, we had boys movie night, and watched the first half of Cars 2 (which we finished Sunday morning).

Captive audience: Carson & Cole watching Mater

Saturday morning we went with Lily and her dad to Choo Choo Bob’s in St. Paul and were there just in the nick for story time. Afterwards, we ran around Lake Nokomis with the boys and Lily in the strollers and daddies running behind. It’s just a little over 5 miles from our house around Nokomis and back — a good little workout pushing a stroller!

Lily and the twins playing at Choo Choo Bob’s

Carson & Cole enjoying story time from Engineer Paul at Choo Choo Bob’s

Sleepin’ beauties after the run round Nokomis

After Saturday naps, Marshall who works with Daddy came over to play and we went to the park, and then our friend Emily came to babysit, and Daddy went to see Bill Walsh’s photography display at Parkway Pizza.

Carson & Cole “running down the hill” to mark Clemson’s first game of the season — a big 26-19 win over Auburn!

Sunday morning we finished Cars 2, took another run around Nokomis, had some seriously long naps, and went to 5pm church at Bethlehem. Daddy kept the boys up until Mommy arrived back at the light rail station at 8:20pm.

Cole eating his pre-church snack

Carson with his cheeks full of geeps (grapes)

Waiting at the light rail station, art in hand, for Mommy to arrive

Then today we had lunch with some friends (awesome pics here!), again took long naps, and yet again squeezed in a jog around Nokomis.

Ready to be done with this stroller after logging over 15 miles with Daddy this weekend

So, it seems the summer’s now officially done. Time for pumpkins and pigskin…

Here’s a few from today you can see in full by following the link above to the Rigney’s site…

Carson, watermelon boy

Sam Rigney helping the boys forward

Carson, ain’t no shame

Coley reacting to the cold water


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To School

There is so much to catch up on. But for now, we will mark this week as “to school” week.

Our new “big sister” Brittney started college Monday. (Brit is Meg’s cousin who is currently living with us).

Carse and Cole started ECFE on Thursday, and Dad started teaching a class for seminary guys on Thursday.

Mom even got to attend ECFE and will get to do a little teaching with four freshman seminars this year. Here are a few photos to mark these events.



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To Fargo and Back Again

Despite the name, Fargo’s not as far a go as we thought it’d be. Just about three and a half hours each way, add a little for the stops. We left Saturday morning, to take in Cousin Mason’s sixth birthday, and drove back to the Twins City late Sunday afternoon.

On the whole, the boys were charming little travelers—except for about an hour on the way home, when Carson was crying over and over, “Mommy, yuckies! Mommy, yuckies!” not because he actually had a yucky diaper, but because he thought this would trick us into stopping the van and letting him out of his seat. Well, we soon wisened up to that little scheme…

Anyway, Sunday afternoon Cousin Mason’s sixth birthday party was at the Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks baseball game, a team in the same league as the St. Paul Saints, but with a whole lot better stadium (and win-loss record). Believe it or not, after nearly 26 months on the planet, it was Carson’s and Cole’s first baseball game (not counting daddy’s softball games this Spring). They hung in there okay, but we did have to slide out a tad early, in the eighth inning, to keep our sanity.

Thanks, Cousin Mason, and Auntie Katy (Megan’s sister) and Uncle Brian, for a great two days in Fargo—fittingly the farthest west on I-94 daddy’s ever been, and daddy’s and the boys’ first ever trip to North Dakota. (Now we can confirm that North Dakota does exist!)


Li’l Coley, getting big but almost too tiny for this Red Hawks ball cap (free to all attenders of the birthday day party)


Carson, ready to play ball—Put me in, Coach!—and ready to get that monkey off his back


Carson (middle) and Cole (right, behind the tater chip) with the birthday boy, Cousin Mason

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